Darussalam, Aghapura, Hyderabad-500001 (Telangana)

DET/DGI/AICTE-Desirable/2022                                                                 Dated: 30.3.2022


Deccan Group of Institutions, Hyderabad (PID No: 1-8641511) has a proposal to create, “Fabrication Facility Laboratory FABLAB) Tinkering Laboratory/Innovation Laboratory”, Mini-Fab Lab (Fabrication Laboratory) which shall be an open access digital fabrication laboratory. It shall offers a blend of unique technology solutions designed to stimulate learning through the innovative life cycle utilizing new digital fabrication tools and techniques. The Digital Fabrication Laboratory (DGI Mini-Fab Lab), shall be located in Mechanical Engineering Department, which shall be a “hi-tech tinkers” workshop for inventors and people who want to design, prototype and build things. We shall provide access to information, tools, software and space for anyone who has an interest to learn and create. The DGI Mini-Fab Lab shall cater open access to design software, laser cutters, 3D printers, vinyl cutters, CNC router and hand tools. The Fab Lab equipment shall includes: 3D Printer , 3D Scanner ,Laser Cutter & Engraver, Vinyl sheet/sign cutter, ShopBot  Desktop- CNC Router , Sand Blaster ,Hand tools and bench-top machines

Equipment available: CNC – XL Turn, Mini Robot, CNC-XL Mill


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